More than an art curriculum...

A 12-week course to kickstart your YEAR OF ART. Guided video lessons covering art history, color theory, therapeutic art, family art nights and fun projects to fill your home with masterpieces. Kids ages 7+

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Meet Meg: Your Online Art Teacher

Miss Meg will take you step-by-step through the process of bringing art into your weekly routine, using it to thrive in other core subjects, and experience deeper communication as a family though doing mental health art together.

  • Supplies to start with and how to take care of them
  • Ways to store supplies
  • Ways to keep & display artwork 
  • Art prep and creating the environment
  • Art technique  
  • Weekly video art lessons (landscapes, portraits, still-life, abstract art, animal paintings, therapeutic art and so much more!)
  • Also: Neighborhood Photography Challenge, Art Journal Workbook, Family Art Nights, and more! 

The Art Year gives you everything you need for successful, life-giving, art experiences for your family.

It doesn’t matter how creative you are, how talented you are or how experienced you are.

Allow The Art Year to be your guide as you bring art and creativity into you home.

It doesn’t matter if you hate crafty things and messy spaces.

I do too! This course takes the “craft” out of art. It keeps things beautiful yet simple, just a couple of supplies at a time, honing in on specific techniques and experiences.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have time.

You can work though the curriculum at your own pace. Some students will take an entire year to get through it, some finish right at the semester, and others bust it out in just one summer. The Art Year curriculum includes strategies and inspiration for squeezing in art time, even when the weeks seem full. But making time for this is your choice!

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” J.R.R. Tolkien

No matter where you’re at now, by the end of The Art Year you will feel accomplished and proud while also having a sketchbook full of fun lessons and walls full of beautiful artwork.

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Is this YOU?


  • You can’t keep up with the art projects your kids constantly want to do. 
  • You need a break sometimes but don’t want to send your kids to more TV or video games.
  • You have no idea about art supplies, how to use them, how to teach art to your kids or how to encourage them in their artmaking.
  • You want beautiful artwork from your kids framed on your wall (and you know this season of childhood won’t be here forever).
  • You’re worried your kids haven't learned basic art concepts or don’t even know a few of our world's greatest master artists. 
  • You would like fun + easy "Family Art Night" activities, all planned and ready to go.


I've taken my years of teaching art throughout public schools, private schools and summer camps in my own backyard, and I've put together a dream art curriculum that I wish I'd had for my own kids!

These guided video art lessons are peaceful, mess-free, cover multiple concepts, produce beautiful art and weave in therapeutic art projects for processing feelings that are sometimes easier to express through color.

You can bring INTENTIONAL ART, CREATIVITY & CONNECTION into your home today!


Doing art with your kids is so much more than the art:

🤯 It builds confidence

🤯 Creates cultural awareness

🤯 Exercises imagination

🤯 Improves critical thinking skills

🤯 Develops concentration, coordination and fine motor skills

🤯 Integrates core subjects and art for mental health check-ins

🤯 Your kids will discover the joy of learning and better understand themselves and the world around them

🤯 Art is a beautiful tool for connecting with family, making time to look each other in the eyes, explore, experiment, and encouraging one another

Doing art together, even just once a week, will pay off in big ways.

 The Art Year includes a structured and fully planned-for-you CURRICULUM with VIDEO LESSONS and PDFs covering all of the following and more:

✏️ Timeline study of master artists

✏️ Color theory

✏️ Elements of art & principles of design

✏️ Integrated core subjects

✏️ Beautiful corresponding literature (read aloud by Miss Meg)

✏️ Mental health art projects 

✏️ Beautiful art to be framed on your wall

✏️ Family art nights

✏️ Neighborhood photography challenge 

Using art to teach and connect with your kids is easier than you think.

Being a mom is overwhelming.

We've got a load of responsibilities.

Plus hours of schoolwork, if you're homeschooling.

Plus hours in the office, if you're working.

Plus all the other stuff that family life brings. You want to have consistent art in your home, but when time runs out it’s usually art that gets pushed aside.

Your kids love art. You want them to create because it can magically stop time. Art gives you something to savor and remember each season of their childhood, little masterpieces framed in your home forever.

You want to be fully present. You want to intentionally silence your phone, slow down, give long bear hugs and look your kids in the eye. And most importantly, you want life-giving activities to connect with each of them.

You want to find the perfect art curriculum but nothing has felt right. It’s always too much or just not enough. So you attempt to do it yourself but it feels messy, stressful, and you don’t even know how to begin. You don't have the right materials, techniques, and the idea of “crafts" makes you cringe!




It is my mission to see moms confidence grow as they settle in and find their groove with The Art Year. The curriculum is fully planned out for you and will equip you for making everything happen.

Bringing art into your school year is DOABLE, your kids are CAPABLE and you are more CREATIVE than you know.  

Art is an incredible tool for connection: creating together as siblings, enjoying art activities as a family, or using artwork to express feelings. Included in The Art Year is guided therapeutic lessons for getting in touch with inner feelings that sometimes words cannot express. Sharing these pieces can be an amazing new experience between family members.

The Art Year combines core subjects into each lesson. It’s not uncommon to find yourself doing math through patterns, measuring, and more. We cover science as we experiment with  art mediums mixing and reacting together. We will be reading together and writing short notes or journals to remember what we thought about certain projects. These lessons cover so much more than art!

It's hard to make school and life happen each week but YOU'RE ALREADY LIVING YOUR DREAM LIFE, daily teaching and loving on your kids. My goal is to lighten your load, give you a ready-to-go art curriculum and walk with you and your kids each step of the way.


How would it feel to...

  • See your kids using art to start regular habits for mental health?
  • Connect with your most important people though Family Art Nights?
  • Fill those empty walls with framed masterpieces from your kids, something to remember these sweet seasons of childhood?
  • See your kids complete a project and feel accomplished, successful, proud and excited?
  • Speak your kids “Love Language” through art?
  • See your kids inspired to tote around their sketchbook each day, hoping for an opportunity to observe and sketch their surroundings?
  • Learn new ways of storing art supplies and keeping artwork long term?
  • Learn what art supplies are best to have on hand and understand the best ways to use them?
  • Know that art doesn’t have to be messy and chaotic, that you can have a plan and a rhythm to a peaceful and doable art time?

ALL THIS IS 100% POSSIBLE FOR YOU. I did it, my students are doing it, and you can do it too.

Moms join this course feeling overwhelmed and underqualified but desperate for a way to bring creativity and art education into their home. They leave feeling relieved, accomplished and proud of all their kids have learned and created.

Sue C.

We have been taking art classes from Miss Meg for 9 years. It is absolutely my kids favorite class! I love it too because they are given high level quality art instruction. She encourages the kids where they are at in their art styles and abilities.  The final products turn out so good we have them on our walls as art for our home. We are so thankful we have found Miss Meg!

Karen E.

My girls learn so much in Miss Meg's art classes. The favorites have been where they have learned about an artist and created artwork with similar techniques that the artist used. Not only do I get beautiful quality art, but the girls gain a CONFIDENCE and KNOWLEDGE that they didn’t have before taking the class.

Kristy M.

We love having Miss Meg as our art teacher! The course videos are easy to follow and explained so beautifully. Her voice and personality make her a joy to listen to and follow along. We have amazing art in our home now and love having a COMPLETE art program. Not only are we learning to BE great artists, we are learning ABOUT famous artists along with techniques that will last us a lifetime! I bought this for my children, but have joined in on the fun too!

Lara M.

We love The Art Year! Miss Meg blends technique, art history, and creativity so well! Her classes are a highlight for my kids and they come out each time with a completed beautiful piece of art and have learned so much about the artist and method used. 

Shauna W.

My daughter loves Miss Meg's classes so much and looks forward to it each week. It's really brought out her creativity and she paints and draws more than she ever did before!

Jonné R.

After class my daughter shared "In the therapeutic art class, Miss Meg helped me get some of my feelings out that I didn't even know were there."

Now... it's Your Turn!


As a mom of 3 elementary aged kids, I knew I wanted them to do art on A REGULAR BASIS. But I wondered...

Is it even possible?

How messy is this going to be?

How will I find time for this when they already have so much for homeschooling: math, language arts, etc, PLUS basketball, piano practice, and family plans?


  • I wanted a home filled with that peaceful art time each week… classical music playing, a lit candle, yummy treats, doing art together.
  • I wanted artwork each year to frame our walls, forever marking this season of their childhood. 
  • I wanted history to come alive as they study artists and learn about time periods and what was happening in the world.
  • I wanted my kids to understand color theory and how colors interact and work together in all areas of life.
  • I wanted my kids to learn new outlets for expression, using color to express feelings and I wanted to be the one sitting at the table with them, experiencing new ways of communication and deeper sharing.
  • I wanted to stop paying other people to teach my kids things that I wanted us to learn and experience together.
  • I wanted to put my phone down, be more present and listen to what was on the hearts and minds of my kids.

And so I did it. And sometimes it felt hard. And it wasn’t always perfect. We had grumpy days, low-confidence days, tired & lazy days. But we pushed through, made it a priority, showed lots of love, patience and graciousness when needed. And I kept it SIMPLE and relatively mess-free. The process brought peacefulness, connection and lots of fun into our home. 


The Art Year walks you and your kids through a successful art journey, learning new things, producing beautiful art, enjoying meaningful conversations.

A note from me…

I remember being in the throws of homeschooling my three elementary aged kids. They each still needed so much hand-holding and lots of help in each subject. And I had my own stuff… chores around the house, cooking, piles of laundry, a husband I wanted to give more attention to, a Bible study I was trying to attend, friends to keep in touch with.

Thankfully I was more afraid of missing out on this short time with my kids living under my roof than I was with missing out on other things. I learned what to say “no” to and I worked past any FOMO because I knew that I didn’t want to look back in 10 years and see that I missed my window. I didn’t want to look around and realize that I never got that big bold kid art I always wanted on my wall. I didn’t want to wonder what opportunities I could have taken to connect and relate with my kids through creative ways like therapeutic art or just sitting around a table together painting and learning.

“Smile at each other, make time for each other in your family" -Mother Teresa

I stopped telling myself that I had no room or time for Art. I stopped worrying about a little mess to clean up. I began telling myself that I could MAKE the time and that it just might change our lives. On the other side of fear and hard work is beauty. And that’s what I want for you.

Did you know?

⚡️Art education programs are mandatory in countries that rank consistently among the highest for math and science test scores, like Japan, Hungary, and the Netherlands. -National Endowment for the Arts

⚡️Exposure to the arts for just two hours every week can improve mental health and overall well-being. -Research from University of Western Australia

⚡️Students with access to an arts education are 5x less likely to drop out of school, 4x more likely to be recognized for academic achievement, 3x more likely to pursue a bachelor’s degree, 3x more likely to be elected to class office and are 30% more likely to pursue a professional career. They score higher on literacy, writing and english proficiency skills, score higher on the SAT and are less likely to run into disciplinary infractions. Additionally, 72% of business leaders say that creativity is the #1 skill that they seek when hiring.


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